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Amanda Staveley releases statement on return from Saudi Arabia

The Newcastle United minority shareholder following that with an official statement released to Newcastle United fans.

No mention of what work she had been doing in Saudi Arabia, though no doubt connected to Newcastle United, though she did address some concerns NUFC fans had raised.

This followed misinterpreted ‘Newcastle United’ updates from companies house (see below) earlier this week.

Updates that showed Amanda Staveley had resigned from ‘Newcastle United’, though in this case ‘Newcastle United’ referring to dormant NUFC accounts, not the important one(s).

“Just arrived back from Saudi and noticed a lot of messages from fans concerned that I had stepped down from my role as a Director of Newcastle United.

“I have not.

“The changes made last week were purely administrative, to non-trading [Newcastle United] subsidiaries.

“After the takeover, Jamie [Reuben] and I stepped in as directors of all [Newcastle United] companies until we could build an executive team.

“We remain on the ‘top-co’ and the [Newcastle United] Board.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their incredible support over the last few years, and particularly for people taking the time to share their thoughts.

“We have the best fans in the world – and I am privileged and proud to be a part of your community.”

The Mag report – 17 April 2024:

A dramatic reaction from some Newcastle United fans and neutrals, after updates regarding Amanda Staveley and Jamie Reuben.

Those updates coming from Companies House.

The Companies House site allowing the public to view activity that happens across all the various businesses.

With companies, including Newcastle United, needing to file their movements, including changes in the boardroom.

So, when these latest Companies House ‘Newcastle United’ updates from 16 April 2024 were circulated by various people on social media, it led to a dramatic reaction from some…

Then Jamie Reuben:

Finally Darren Eales:

The reality is a little less dramatic than the (over)reaction we have seen from a number of people.

This is indeed a ‘Newcastle United’ company BUT it is not THE Newcastle United one.

There have always been a number of Newcastle United companies but company number 00031014 is THE NUFC company we know as the club one, the main one. You can go HERE at Companies House to see all the accounts and… changes of Directors at the football club.

This ‘Newcastle United’ company that has seen Amanda Staveley and Jamie Reuben resignations and Darren Eales appointed, is company number 05981582. It originated in 2006 and is an NUFC dormant company, which indeed it has been from early on.

Darren Eales is now the only director of it, previously the likes of Lee Charnley were the nominal single director named.

On the day of the takeover, 7 October 2021, Lee Charnley resigned as a director of this dormant NUFC company and Amanada Staveley and Jamie Reuben were appointed as directors of it on the same day.

The ‘proper’ Newcastle United company, as we know it, still has the following listed directors – Yasir Al-Rumayyan, Amanda Staveley, Jamie Reuben, Asmaa Mohammed Rezeeq and Abdulmajid Ahmed Alhagbani.’


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