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Dan Ashworth sinks even lower

Reports have circled over the Newcastle sporting director who has been subject to lawn duties for the past 10 weeks has had a desperate twist to speed up his move to MUNF.

Ashworth is now putting this case to arbitration in order to break the deadlock between the two clubs backed by Ratcliffe and Ineos which is set to take place in may. Ashworth is under contract until Jan 2026 with NUFC still paying his wages I find it somewhat bizarre how this approach is tangible to see a third party rule on the compensation that NUFC are to be paid holds no weight under his employment contract.

This last ditch effort has has shed light on the sporting director which will tarnish his credentials for the future and come back to bite him on the arse I hope this approach will encourage Amanda Staveley to keep the shithouse in his gazebo for the foreseeable future.


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