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manure/Ashworth the plot thickens

Have the PL got any teeth?

So…let’s get this right!

According to the Daily Mail, Omar Berrada, whilst on gardening leave from citeh – and thereby prohibited from conducting ANY football-related activity or business NOT concerning citeh – contacts Dan Ashworth privately i.e. NOT officially through Newcastle United and offers him a job – “taps him up” – to work for manure.

Ashworth, an (at the time) current NUFC employee, replies to an INEOS – Jim Radcliffe – manure co-owner - email account, saying, “Wow! Yes I’ll take that!”, or words to that effect, in an email. An email which he copies to an NUFC email account – how incompetent is that! - and hands his notice in to NUFC.

So….Jim Radcliffe, manure co-owner, has got 2 separate parties, both of whom he ABSOLUTELY KNOWS he is not permitted to engage with on manure business, because they are BOTH on gardening leave from their respective clubs and thereby FORBIDDEN from engaging in ANY activity connected with football which does not relate to their current employer -has KNOWINGLY done exactly that!

Well..we know it’s manure and, like manure, IT STINKS!

It’s all heresay at the minute but, if the Daily Mail have got it right, it’s going to be very interesting to see what the Premier League, and indeed the FA, and UEFA will do about it.

If history is anything to go by, I wouldn’t hold you breath!!

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