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Sir Jim Ratcliffe has insisted that he has made a ‘good offer’ to buy Manchester United and is very much in the bidding race.

In a recent interview, the British billionaire stated:

“We have a good offer, and we have met with the Glazers a couple of times.”

“We have had good discussions with them. We would still very much like to do it. And we would be doing it for the right reasons.”

“But in the end, it is their decision, not our decision.”

He goes on to talk about what attracted him to the United project.

“The value of teams like this one is very special and rare – like art.”

“I don’t think the world of sport will change that much in ten years.”

“It is one of our key interests – get the lads in the pub, and football is one of the two or three subjects we ever talk about.”

“It’s football. We’ve worked really hard all our lives. Now we’ve made a bit of money, so you’re allowed to have some fun, so long as it’s sensible economically.”

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is prepared to keep the Glazers at the club and has made an offer for a majority stake.

Sheikh Jassim, on the other hand, wants 100% control of the club.

Eight months into the takeover process, fans are frustrated with no clarity.

The Qataris’ offer for United is a world record bid for any sports team.

Reports have claimed that they are quietly confident of a victory.

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