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We Must Back Eddie Howe !

I am sure we will all agree that this season has been a roller coaster of emotions with our expectations set way higher than we could have imagined, finally bringing CL football back to St James Park to mix it with the elite in Europe that has not been achieved for over two decades.

Eddie Howe has been under the microscope from day one at Newcastle United even more so this current season. Main stream media constantly reporting on every aspect within the club almost willing us to fail over what I would say a bias narrative was always on the agenda.

Eddie has came under backlash from what I would say (Plastic fans that decided to support Newcastle United after the takeover ) I will have to admit I have also questioned EH decisions at times his loyalty to players that he consistently plays who have no business playing in the starting 11 man squad.

Are we entitled to criticize of course, injuries this season has been at the fore front that we are all wondering what is going on? Is it our style of high tempo attacking football, lack of squad rotation, players being brought back early and still carrying injuries ?

We must look at the players also they to bare a huge responsibility on how they are regarding there fitness. Questions have been asked over the Medical Staff at NUFC and an investigation which I am led to believe will be looking at that in an internal style Audit.

My conclusion on the matter is we all know a type of manager that just is Newcastle United if that makes sense and Eddie Howe fits that bill in my eyes. What he has done in his short time is some what of a miracle. He has transformed players into absolute weapons saved us from relegation gave us CL Football in such a short period, we can all be outside managers looking in I am guilty of it myself.

I hold Eddie Howe in the Same regard as I do Kevin Keegan and the legend Sir Bobby Robson. I am sure Bobby would have one message for Eddie Howe and it would be "I started this journey Bonny Lad now go and finish it" IN EDDIE WE TRUST WE ARE UNITED!

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